(REMOTE) Junior Facebook Advertising & eCommerce Growth Expert 

Do you live and breathe marketing and FB advertising? Would you like to develop your skills further working closely with the founder and CEO of a 7 figure Shopify eCommerce store?


We are looking for a Junior eCommerce Growth Expert with the main focus of Facebook Advertising. 


We are looking for someone who is passionate about driving amazing results, who loves challenges, and wants to help manage our Facebook marketing campaigns for our Shopify store. 


Over the last 2 years alone, our store has spent over $700K on Facebook ads profitably to generate over $2M in sales with an ROI over 3x.


Your Role and Work 


If accepted to the position, you will be working closely with the founder and CEO of the company and learning and implementing all the strategies and tactics we use to achieve our successful results with digital marketing for eCommerce.


Responsibilities for this position will include:

  • Running Facebook ads with the guidance of the CEO and founder of the company
  • Researching and analyzing competitors
  • Ordering new creative assets
  • Adding products to the Shopify store
  • Monitoring and optimizing advertising performance
  • Testing and implementing new ideas quickly
  • Giving feedback and optimizing operations such as creating new processes or SOPs


About You


To be accepted for this position and thrive in our company you must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Must have at least 1 full year of experience with Facebook ads for eCommerce
  • Managed at least around $15K of monthly ad spend
  • Must be a self-learner and must be able to adapt quickly based on feedback
  • You are organized, responsible, and meet deadlines consistently
  • A growth hacker that loves to solve challenges and improve performance 
  • You are skilled at reading and analyzing data and creating reports
  • Must be a team player that is highly motivated, ambitious, and a problem solver
  • Must be passionate about self-improvement, reading books, consuming content, and working on becoming the best version of yourself
  • Must be fluent in written and spoken English
  • Must be comfortable working a schedule that partially overlaps with 10AM – 2PM PST.


What We’re Offering


The benefits of working with us in this position include:

  • Work with an established eCommerce business doing 7 figures a year in Revenue and spending an average of $30K monthly spend on Facebook advertising
  • Stable full-time position with opportunity for growth with the company and taking on more responsibility over time
  • Remote work position – work from anywhere in the world you want as long as you meet deadlines and achieve the results
  • Interesting and challenging projects where you will make a direct impact on our advertising results and contribute to the company’s growth
  • Focus on the work that you love to do – no more typical freelancing problems such as sales and managing clients – work on advertising all day!
  • Culture of self-improvement where everyone on the team is passionate about growing and improving


Our Core Values


These are our core values that we as a company and team stand for. You can expect these values from us at every level of the company and team and we will also expect these from you.

  • Discipline
  • Ownership & Responsibility
  • Positive Attitude
  • Initiative
  • Team = Family
  • Consistent Improvement & Growth
  • Honest & Timely Communication
  • Humility


Apply Now


To apply, please click on the link below to open the application form. Fill out all the questions honestly and submit the form to apply.